San Miguel de Allende

The Expatriate Community in San Miguel de Allende

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Expatriates have been coming to San Miguel since the 1930’s. This community grew very slowly through the next several years. After World War II, there was a great influx of Americans into San Miguel as many soldiers took advantage of their G.I. Bill benefits by coming to San Miguel to attend the Instituto Allende.  Even though there are no verified statistics, it is generaly agreed that the U.S. and Canadian expat community in San Miguel numbers in the range of 10,000 to 18,000.  Many of these are full time residents and some spend only part of the year in San Miguel.This is one of the friendliest groups of people you will find anywhere. Almost everyone you talk with will tell you they have made friends quicker in San Miguel than anywhere else they have been. You will find them having coffee together or sharing a meal, or discussing current events, or maybe sharing a newspaper and the shade in the Jardin.

As mentioned under the above section on volunteer organizations, many expatriates have gotten involved in improving the quality of life for all in the community. The “Not For Profit” sector depends heavily on the expat community for a source of funding as well as for volunteers for staffing the organizations they are contributing to.  This is one of the reasons that the Mexican community and the expat community get along so well together.

Expatriates are active in all aspects of San Miguel life, including music, the arts, dance, education and much more. There are artists, dance instructors, musicians, and teachers from the expat community.  There is something available for everyone here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.